Juice Fast Diary – Epilogue Days 4-8

Well most days have been boring, but day before yesterday was definitely NOT! Let me back up –

I realized that some changes I noticed during the fast I have not noted here. Before starting the fast I had had at least 2 years of hips and knees hurting when I moved after being in one position for 15 minutes or more. I figured it was just due to mild aging ๐Ÿ™‚ Usually subsided on movement. I don’t know when this disappeared but I know I have not been aware of any discomfort under the same conditions for several weeks now ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 4 – Continued with mostly raw breakfast and lunch, chlorella, BarleyMax and lemon water and plain water. Still have itchy dry skin and my hands get blotchy and itchy when handling cold items, like chopping refrigerated vegetables or selecting vegetables from the open fridges in the store. No idea why . . .

Day 5 – Still trying to do majority of foods raw – re-discovering cabbage coleslaw and still enjoying the cilantro pesto which is good on lots of things. I’ve been eating a few beans and grains like oats and rye (waffles and rye crackers) with no problems. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well. Have not gained any weight back yet. Have been getting on the treadmill for about 1/2 hour every day.

The culprit!

Day 6 – Had a light breakfast and then ran into town around noon. Errands took longer than I expected and I started to get hungry but hadn’t brought any food with me. Around 2 p.m., I was in a store where they were giving samples of a good whole grain bread I often buy. Without thinking, I took a few pieces and ate them. I continued my errands and around 4 p.m. noticed I was itching more than usual and was starting to get hives on my hands. Yes, I’m getting tired of hives! I got home around 5 p.m. and was getting pretty miserable. Thought I’d sit down and get some food in me, maybe more avocado and some fat to slow down the detox that seemed to be making me so sensitive to stuff. I got on the phone with my friend while I started eating.

By now, I was really itching from head to foot – literally. I had welts from the hives on my scalp, neck, back, stomach, legs and feet. It was hard to eat I was so miserable. Well I finished talking to my friend and it was close to 6 p.m. I was about done eating but felt like I was going to jump out of my skin with itching. As a nurse, I kept watching myself for any worsening of the allergic reaction, expecting that it would probably involve throat tightening or trouble breathing if it got worse. I wasn’t having any of that so figured I would just tough it out. Then I started feeling a bit woozy – that was weird, so I thought I better let my husband know just in case it got worse. I stood up to walk toward his lower level office and got to the top of the stairs and called out to him, saying “I don’t feel well”. (The last time I had felt that way was when I was having spinal anesthesia with my first delivery and my blood pressure went down to 60/20 or so.) Then I have a vague recollection of swaying in the hall and thinking “I can’t even stand up” and that’s all I remember till I came to on the floor, my supper on the floor next to me and my husband finishing a call to 911. He said he came up when he heard me and I was sitting on the floor when I started to throw up. He wisely laid me on my side to prevent aspiration and in a panic called the emergency services. Poor guy! He’s not the least bit medical and he was sure I was dying. When I came to he was relieved to hear me answering his questions. I was really puzzled trying to figure out what had happened. In a few minutes the paramedics arrived and did their thing. By then my blood pressure was actually on the high side, my blood sugar was normal for having just eaten, and besides having quite a gut ache, everything else was pretty normal. I just didn’t feel like getting up though. About 15 minutes later, they had finished their assessment, my hives were actually disappearing and I just wanted to lay down. I figured there was no use going to the emergency room, after all, what more could they do? Give me antihistamines? I already had some at the house that I could take if I felt I needed it.ย  So rest is what I did for the remainder of the evening, went to bed early and slept for about 10 hours.

My preliminary conclusion on the matter: When I ate bread as my first meal after the fast, that was just dumb, I didn’t know better, should have done more research. I learned that I should only have had juices and some raw fruit the first day. Should have added vegetables the 2nd day, a few cooked things the 3rd day, grains and beans 4th or 5th day and so on. Anyway, neither my mouth nor my stomach were prepared with the digestive juices necessary for bread digestion. The complex carbohydrates needed a good dose of saliva in the mouth to start the digestion and then other enzymes were needed in the stomach and upper small intestine to complete protein breakdown. Although I had eaten the bread slowly and chewed it thoroughly, I noticed that I didn’t really start salivating in response to food stimuli until about the 3rd day. So when the incompletely digested wheat protein hit my intestines, my immune system, already on high alert, said, “This doesn’t belong here”. Voila! I had that first episode of hives (allergic response) and stomach ache.ย  Then, when I had bread again today, I had nothing else to eat with it and it triggered the similar allergic reaction. I wasn’t planning to try bread again for at least 10 days from the first episode – I just completely forgot about the issue.

English: Hives on DLdoubleE's back from an all...

This is what the welts from hives can look like . .

I think that trying to eat with the intense discomfort of the hives may also have been more than my body’s circulatory system could handle – demands for blood at the skin for the histamine reaction and demands for blood to the stomach because of food – I’m just not sure. Once I threw up though, all the symptoms subsided. If any of you have any other theories, let me know! I think I did have a drop in blood pressure that caused the fainting . . .

Day 7 – completely unremarkable. I ate quite a bit more cooked food in hopes of slowing detox down to a rate that will decrease my sensitivity.


Day 8 – No problems, eating everything but bread pretty much. Still having a big salad, but also today had lentil soup and baked potato.

This will probably be the last Juice Fast entry unless something remarkable happens. But don’t worry, I have other things on health I will be continuing to blog on ๐Ÿ™‚


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