Juice Fast Diary – Epilogue Day 2

Had a short and interrupted night and woke up with what feels like a fatigue headache. Had lemon water, later a glass of fresh pink grapefruit juice. 1/2 hr. after that I had breakfast.

Breakfast today was one square of wheat-free waffle with avocado (can you tell I love avocado?!), 1/2 an orange and 1/2 a banana. I felt very satisfied. The morning was uneventful and for lunch I had some coleslaw (cabbage, onion, carrots and a tad of lemon juice and olive oil and some seasonings) and cilantro pesto on a baked potato. That was very good. Since I’m looking at continuing the detox, but slower, I am trying to do 85% or more raw foods. That meant I spent quite a bit of time on the internet looking for new ways to use, especially, raw vegetables. I’ve never been too big on that, I mean I will eat a tossed salad (lettuce, tomato, olives), carrot or celery sticks raw, but beyond that, not a whole lot! I found some interesting and hopefully tasty new recipes to try. I’ll let you know how that goes. I am definitely sticking to 2 meals a day (breakfast, and lunch) as I don’t feel that I need more than that. I drug up my “free” treadmill from the basement today and spent 1/2 an hour walking, in addition to regular housework. I have more energy for that now that I’m eating 🙂

Went shopping for more organic veggies after picking my husband up from the airport. While at the health food store, I tried the tester on some hand lotion, a nice citrus based one, and liked the smell and the feel. Put it in my basket. Spent another 15 min. or so picking out produce. By the time I got to the checkout I had hives all over my hands! Went and washed them, PUT THE LOTION BACK, and it took about an hour to subside. Guess I’ll stick to coconut oil for dry skin for now 🙂 Aside from that hiccup, had a good day.


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