Juice Fast Diary – Epilogue Day 1

Well, now I will chronicle how I followed up on the fast and got back into regular food for a few days. (It turned out much longer than I expected today!) Woke up this morning feeling fine, drank some lemon water and around 9 had a light breakfast. It consisted of one slice of whole wheat, homemade bread with 1/4 of an avocado spread on it and one mango. Thought I’d see how that went.

One of my favorite foods!

10:00 – my stomach is starting to hurt seriously. Not sure why. Tried a bit more lemon water but that sure didn’t help.

11:00 – I am seriously nauseated, feel like throwing up and starting to break out in hives on the inner aspect of the elbows, wrists, hands, neck and who knows where else. Some pretty bad gut cramping. A lot of belching.Ā  Got a hot water bottle on my stomach. Seriously miserable.

12:00 – Called my friend that has experience with these fasts and she suggested I call the friend (we’ll call her Mary) that she originally got these fasting guidelines from who is an expert in the area. Apparently I am in serious detox. Mary says that often it’s the most intense between days 26 or so and day 40, if you can go that long. I guess this is when the body is really getting in high gear to get rid of long and deeply stored toxins, many of them for many years. She thinks the hives are an allergic reaction to some kind of toxin currently circulating as well as possibly a reaction to the wheat in the bread. She said to take echinacea for the hives and avoid wheat for about 10 days. Also, in order to keep detoxing, I should stick to a raw or at least 85% raw diet till I’m past this phase, maybe another 10 days or so. Also need to continue my chlorella and Barley Max. I guess my immune system is on high alert and may actually react to stuff much quicker now than before the fast – my body’s way of saying that I’m doing something I need to avoid right now.

These are delicious!

3:00 – feeling much better, the hives have dissipated, my stomach is feeling more normal. Had just a bit of vegetable juice and waited 1/2 an hour. Felt OK. So I tried lunch – 1/4 avocado on aĀ  Kavli rye cracker, and a bowl of homemade, organic, sugar-free applesauce.

5:20 – still feeling fine – whew! what a relief šŸ™‚ Will drink more water and/or lemon water now. I’m feeling a bit dehydrated as I couldn’t drink this morning when feeling so bad.

9:00 – Feeling pretty back much to normal. Just a mild headache. We’ll see what tomorrow holds šŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Juice Fast Diary – Epilogue Day 1

  1. You can REALLY hurt your body by not breaking your fast the correct way. Your digestive system has literally shut down. The reason you felt awful is because grains should not be incorporated for at LEAST 4-5 days! It is a very slow process to wake up the digestive system. Your body doesn’t have the stomach acids it needs to break down the bread. You should start with waters fruits and then move on to vegetables. I’m very surprised that your Mary didn’t tell you that! You should be eating raw for the first 10 days anyways. I’m really not trying to be preachy but again many people hurt themselves by diving into the wrong foods.

    • Actually I Mary hadn’t been specific about not eating grains right away and I didn’t talk to her till I had already done it. So it’s not really her fault. I have been having small amounts of rye crackers and no more problems. And yes, mostly fruits and vegetables and mostly raw now. Thanks though. I’m learning šŸ™‚

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