Juice Fast Diary – Day 27

One more day! Yipee! Except I think I’m still detoxing like crazy . . .

Mood: Great!

Hunger: None

Exercise: Filled the furnace again, garbage to road, and dumping compost out in the back field + the regular indoor stuff.

Weight: # – 15.5

Maybe I'll need to do this!

Observations: I think maybe my allergic reaction yesterday was to the furnace smoke, not the the jacket. I used the same jacket today, but wore a turtle neck up to my chin to cover my neck skin and tried the avoid the smoke as much as possible while throwing logs into the furnace. I still got a little itchy but no hives today. I was also careful not to touch my face with the gloves I used to throw the wood in, which were smokey.  Yummy juice this afternoon to make up for yesterdays 🙂 I used romaine lettuce hearts, celery, cilantro and onion, and a few tomatoes. Vegetable season salt sprinkled in as well. I’m starting to plan what I’m going to eat on Wednesday :).



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