Juice Fast Diary – Day 26

Well, today was interesting – see my observations below . . .

Mood: Upbeat, as usual

Hunger: none

Exercise: Filling the furnace and dumping the compost and umpteen times up and down our stairs.

Weight: # – 14

vegetables juiceObservations: I think I must still be detoxing, because my immune system seems hypersensitive. I put on one of the boy’s jackets to go and fill the furnace. No idea what he wore it for last, but within 15 min. I was itching where the collar touched my skin – front of my neck, face and forehead. I thought maybe it was dry skin till I happened to look in the mirror and found I had hives (raised welts) all over the front of my neck, both cheeks, chin, and forehead. I took the jacket off, washed up, and the hives disappeared by themselves over the next hour or so. Weird!  I also made the most miserable vegetable juice I have ever tasted! It was so vile I had to hold my nose, chug it down, and follow with plain water to get the taste out of my mouth! Here are my ingredients, in case you want to know what NOT to put together – about 2 cups carrot juice, + half a head of celery, plus a handful of cilantro and 2 green onions, and 3 very small (6″) zucchini for a total of 5 cups juice. I’m thinking the zucchini may have been somewhat bitter and the onion/carrot flavors really had a fight 🙂 Only two more days of major juicing!! Yeah!


One thought on “Juice Fast Diary – Day 26

  1. How do you know it’s detoxing? Who says it’s not some sort of problem? I would be EXTREMELY concerned… Do you have a scientific study?? Or is this just dangerous speculation?

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