Juice Fast Diary – Day 22

You’d never know I was on a fast based on the production of my kitchen today! With my son, his friend, and my husband all arriving today to be here over the weekend, I got into high gear 🙂  Today’s efforts produced chili beans, cornbread, salad, a large pot of red lentil soup, 4 large loaves of bread, a batch of cookies + all my juices! At least the house smells nice!

Mood: Great!

Hunger: None

Exercise: On my feet most of the day and moving pretty fast 🙂

Weight: same as yesterday

Observations: started wearing gloves when doing the dishes and the itching in my palms is much better. I notice it the most when handling the wet vegetables for juicing. I put some more chlorella powder in capsules today and noticed itichiness in my throat and did a spell of sneezing. I’m wondering if it’s the vegan gel caps that I’m allergic to . . . It’s gone now but was bothersome for several hours.


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