Juice Fast Diary – Day 21

Our furnace is like this and takes logs that are 4 feet long.

Yeay! 3/4 through. I think I’m doing 28 days then 2-3 days to come off the fast. Just one more week!

Mood: Feeling good.

Hunger: None

Exercise: Filled furnace again + running around town a bit.

Weight: Have lost a total of 13 lbs.

Observations: Feeling better today. No trouble staying warm. Hands still itch, but not as much. I’ve decided that the flavor I like the best in V8 juice is the celery! Today I had a head of celery,some romaine lettuce, some parsley, a couple green onions and tomato for my juice. With a sprinkle of vegetable seasoned salt, it was great!




One thought on “Juice Fast Diary – Day 21

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