Juice Fast Diary – Day 20

This day flew by!

Mood: alert and oriented to time, place and person – oh wait, that’s nothing new . . .

Hunger: Not an issue – it was a challenge getting my afternoon juices made though as I had some unexpected schedule changes that messed with my routine. So I was a little late, but ended up getting them in.

English: Neighbor shoveling snow from their dr...

Exercise: Loading the furnace again! Plus shoveling snow off the sidewalks.

Weight: # – 11

Observations: I was not as cold today. A couple of things may have helped to make the difference – after the good outdoor exercise this morning, I took a good hot and cold contrast shower that really gets the circulation going. I felt really warm getting out of that. I think the exercise also helped. Hands still itch and are red and splotchy intermittantly.

ARS romaine lettuce

Romaine lettuce hearts

Cabbage juice is supposed to be real good for you, but it sure isn’t my favorite. Let me know if there is a 3-4 veggie combo with cabbage in it it that you think is particularly tasty. Was tickled to walk into my little country supermarket near my house and find that not only did they have some organic veggies (this is new) but they had organic romaine lettuce hearts on sale (3 to a bag) for only $1.50! Woot! That was a real windfall πŸ™‚ Of course I got several.


2 thoughts on “Juice Fast Diary – Day 20

  1. Concerned that your symptoms are vitamin deficiencies. Fat soluble vitamins require fat in order to absorb them. Any lingering fat you might have left on your body won’t help you absorb these vitamins. Hope you’re still getting some fat in your diet. Also, are you taking B12 supplements? Doubt your juices are made of dairy! πŸ™‚ Also concerned that your rapid weight loss could be lean body mass. If that happens, your metabolism will drop, and you will have a harder time losing weight next time.

    • Thanks for the concern, Dorothea. No, I really don’t think it’s vitamin deficiencies. I’m taking coconut oil everyday to deal with some fat for the fat soluable vitamins. No, I don’t take B12, but I’m careful not to brush my teeth in the morning before drinking my water which I swish around in my mouth and swallow. You know, you only need 5 mcg/day. That’s a very small amount. I have another friend that does the same thing, has been a strict vegan for years, does not supplement, and just had her B12 checked – it was actually quite high. When I can afford it, I do plan to get it checked though. I have supplemented some in the past, I do use B12 fortified soy milk and nutritional yeast (the yeast is also one of the flavorings in my vegetable broth). I checked on the lean body mass loss theory and my understanding is that that is NOT an issue with a well-designed juice fast. It is very nutrient dense and does not provoke muscle loss. I think that at least some of the weight loss is related to a decreased sodium intake as well as to a comparatively empty gut (normally you carry 3-5 lbs of “stuff” in your gut just from processing regular meals). Anyway, keep the comments coming, I’m still learning πŸ™‚

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