Juice Fast Diary – Day 17

HaHa!Starting to count down the days till I’m done, but still detoxing so am debating the exact date . . .Today and yesterday I’ve noticed something new, oh, I guess that goes under “observations” below . . .

Mood: OK, kind of moderate energy levels, don’t feel like really exerting myself . . .

Hunger: Really good juices today were thoroughly enjoyed!

Exercise: Housework, lots of cooking for the weekend and church potluck. Cold out.

Weight: # – 10. I’ve always taught that 2-3 lbs. a week (decent diet + exercise, not fasting) is a reasonable rate of weight loss. So I’m noticing that this is considerably faster than that.

Observations: Well, not only have I not had any hot flashes (was having 20+/day before the juice fast) since the 2nd or 3rd day of the fast, but now I am positively having trouble staying warm. I mean we’re talking turtle necks, long johns, thick socks, shearling slippers and the house is 70 degrees!  On talking to my friend that has also been through this fast, I found out that she always feels very cold when her toxin level is high. So she is pretty sure that this is just a sign that I am still detoxing. So guess I’ll hang in there a few more days. 🙂



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