Juice Fast Diary – Day 16

Well, I’ve gotten a little behind in posting, so I’m gong to try to get caught up today 🙂

Mood: Hanging in there!

Hunger: Not bad, I always feel like I could eat, but don’t really have any hunger pangs unless I get behind on my juice.

Exercise: Today it consisted of “running around town”! Did get a lot done, however.

Weight: # – 9

The Kind of Coconut oil I've been using

Observations: I’ve been experiencing real dry skin this week. My face feels taut and hurts/itches to smile. I tend towards dry skin in the winter, but not usually this bad. I am using some coconut oil on my skin which helps some. I’m thinking it might be because my fat intake is so low right now that my skin may not be making as much natural oil as “normal”.


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