Juice Fast Diary – Day 15

Today was much better than yesterday! I felt good, even with a lousy night (lots of interruptions) last night. Had a productive day.

Mood: Upbeat. More energetic than yesterday.

Hunger: Not bad, still wishing for the food I prepare for others, but it’s mostly a mental thing, not real gnawing hunger šŸ™‚

Exercise: Just too much computer work today, didn’t make it outside and the weather wasn’t great either.

Weight: # – 9

Observations: Had orange/clementine/dried apricot juice for the fruit juice – was that ever good! This afternoon’

Tomato Juice in a glas, decorated with tomato ...

3 cheers for tomato/anything juice!

s veggie juice was SO much better than yesterday’s – it was half greens and half tomato which makes for a beautiful, kelly green juice. I used salad mix and rainbow chard (takes a lot to get that much juice) plus a handful of cilantro for flavor. That was very good and didn’t take as many tomatoes as some of my other combinations. I think I can conserveĀ  on expensive tomatoes by using more of the greens, especially those that have more juice. Tomorrow I’ll use cucumber – it’s very juice rich since it’s so watery.




2 thoughts on “Juice Fast Diary – Day 15

  1. Hi! You haven’t posted in a few days so I hope you’re still on track. I am on day 12 and just came across your blog. It’s nice to see others a few days ahead making it through. I am extremely cold as well. Its because digestion produces most of our internal heat. Maybe winter fasting wasn’t the best choice of season!

    • Thanks for your comment! Yes, I’m still on track, just behind in posting about it! I should be completely caught up this evening so check it out and enjoy!

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