Juice Fast Diary – Day 14

English: Bio carrot juice from Germany Françai...

Carrot Juice day 😦

Well, I’m at least halfway! Mostly depends on which day I start adjusting back to a regular diet. That will take at least 4 days of gradual introduction of foods. It’s a good thing, I think today was one of my hardest days so far. I just miss eating 🙂 and:

Mood: Kind of tired feeling

Hunger: Felt hungry a lot today, not sure why.

Exercise: Didn’t really have the energy for it.

Weight: I forgot, I’ll get it tomorrow though 🙂

Observations: Today was a carrot juice with celery and green onion and a few edible pea pods for the vegetable juice. Definitely nothing to write home about. I crave savory flavors and the carrot juice is just too sweet to taste good with salty seasonings. Oh well, I think I’ll do greens with at least a little bit of tomato tomorrow. Orange/green apple was very good this morning though. I’ve had a hard time keeping my hands and feet warm today. House temperature is the same as always. Maybe need to do more exercise to keep my BMR up. Will try to do that tomorrow 🙂



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