Juice Fast Diary – Day 13

Town trip day – means a busy morning to feed and clean up after breakfast and then get all the juice made for the day + have lunch ready before I go! The temperature went up in the 40’s and it started raining, which turned our road into one big ice slick. Amazing to drive on. . .

Mood: Great!

Hunger: not really an issue, but we are having company at the end of the month and my son will be home on break so I’ll be cooking extra, and will miss not eating the same thing they do (unless I decide to end my fast a bit early . . .)

Exercise: Running around town!

Weight: same as yesterday

English: Fresh Cilantro (Coriander) Deutsch: V...

Cilantro - I love the flavor and it really perks up the vegetable juice.

Observations: I am using two different juicers – One is a champion juicer, the other is a screw-auger Omega juicer. I’m finding that the champion does better with the soft stuff, like tomatoes, while the Omega is great for hard and fibrous foods, like the carrots, cilantro, green onions and leafy greens. I had organic baby greens mix with tomato and cilantro today. That was a yummy combination, especially with just a bit of my homemade vegetable seasoned salt. I really prefer the tomato based juices to the carrot based ones, but carrots are so much cheaper I’m going to have to make the tomato ones a treat!




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