Juice Fast Diary – Day 11

Seems like I’ve been on this fast forever . . .At least I know it’s giving my body a chance to restore and repair itself, for which I am thankful. I would rather NOT know what kinds of problems this might be preventing! It’s just beautiful outside with the snow covering everything (-1°F. this morning), clear and sunny. Had a beautiful sunset as well.

Mood: Normal, which is generally upbeat 🙂

Looked something like this, except the top was cheesy sauce, not shreds.

Hunger: Some hunger pangs occasionally, but not usually a problem as long as I stay on schedule with hourly lemon water/juice. Yeah, I miss Sabbath food – today I sent this recipe I created to potluck and really wanted to taste it. Layered corn tortillas with black beans and cashew cheese topped with green onions and olives and homemade salsa on the side – oh well, I’ll just have to make it again sometime!

Exercise: Just elder care.

Weight: Same as yesterday

Observations: Really wondering what I was allergic to the other day. My eye still doesn’t feel normal and itches when the drops wear off. It is getting better gradually though. I feel less detox the last couple of days.



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