Juice Fast Diary – Day 9

This is going to be quick, but here goes:

Mood: Fine, no complaints. Happy with my new juice flavors!

Hunger: Not any, really.

Exercise: shopping at warehouse and big box stores was my exercise today! Needed to stock up on juicing fruits and vegetables.

Weight: same as yesterday.

Observations: Green apple, soaked apricot and canteloupe is a GREAT combination for juice! I also really liked tomato, celery, parsley, with just a bit of green onion for flavor. I added some of my homemade chicken-style seasoning to that and it was delicious.

Had an allergic reaction to something this evening-severely itchy eyes with swelling. I’m thinking I must have reacted to some psyllium I was putting into capsules. Charcoal wash and cold washclothes have relieved it somewhat. I’m going to  make some oatmeal compresses and I also got some  allergy eye drops that have helped already. Cheerio till tomorrow!


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