Juice Fast Diary – Day 5 and 6

Well, yesterday was pretty busy, what with reorganizing and cleaning my sunroom/study/library. Oh yes, also had a Pampered Chef party at my place and cleaned and cooked and straightened for that so . . .

Day 5

Mood: Fine. Busy not terribly hungry but looking forward to trying the new recipe for sandwich spread that everyone else seemed to like  at the party yesterday 🙂

Hunger: see above.

Exercise: Indoors most of day trying to get the cleaning/reorganization project done. Did involve lugging boxes around, going up stairs and keeping fairly active.

Weight: # – 7

Observations: Not feeling weak or anything. Energy levels about same as usual. I think I

Macro zoom photograph of psyllium seed husks

Macro image of psyllium husks

got a double dose of barleymax this morning. Hopefully that won’t be an issue. Also learned that I need to use psyllium for fiber source, not flax, since flax needs digestion and the psyllium is pure fiber. Took some coconut oil in my broth today – that really gives it a good flavor!

Day 6

Mood – Fine, a little fatigued, but my night wasn’t as long as I wanted.

Hunger – Occasional hunger pang but quickly disappeared with the next juice/tea.

Exercise – Mostly working with moving things, etc. in the finishing up of the sunroom “makeover”. I’ll be back to loading the furnace tomorrow though.

Weight – # – 4

Observations – Decided to take a small amount of coconut oil every day in my broth, rather than a larger amount every 3rd day. Makes more sense to me – also it will make it less greasy tasting 🙂  Little bit of nausea when I started the carrot/cabbage juice this afternoon. It’s my first day with cabbage in the juice. I think it’s a stronger detox. Nausea went away later but this evening my nose is drippy and I have a productive cough and feel a bit achy. I’m guessing my detox may be kicking in. It’s not bad right now.  Well, I’d better get to bed. More tomorrow, God willing.



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