Juice Fast Diary – Day 4

Snowy Pine Tree

Had a great day! Relaxing, family is here visiting and good phone calls from family in Mexico, California, and Tennesee!

Oh yeah! this is supposed to be about the juice fast  . . . let’s see,

Mood: Great – really enjoyed the beautiful drive to church this morning through the snow-covered country landscape with the sunshine reflecting off every surface like  a million diamonds in the crisp, 6°F. morning.

Hunger: Not an issue. Potluck lunch at church did have some incredibly pleasant aromas, though. Everyone that tried it really liked the leftover vegetables from the organic vegetable broth that I made for the fast. I took them, cut some of the pieces a little smaller and covered it all in a cashew cream sauce and baked it all together.

Exercise: Just walking around church and the house today. Supposed to be a rest day anyway, right?

Weight: same as yesterday.

Observations: Marked decrease in hot flashes since I started the fast. I hadn’t expected that but it’s nice. Learned a few new things after consulting with some experts in the field of longer juice fasts – There is not a problem with losing lean body mass with this program. I will post more info when the documentation gets to me. Calorie intake is on the high side, not the low side. I will be taking some coconut oil in my broth every third day to make sure I can absorb all the wonderful fat-soluble vitamins in the juices. I welcome your comments and suggestions. Hope your week is starting out great!


One thought on “Juice Fast Diary – Day 4

  1. Greetings,

    I applaud you for doing a juice fast — I know from experience it takes a lot of determination and self discipline. I also like how you have organized your post with subheadings like “Mood”, “Observations”, etc. It really makes the information easier to find and digest. Check out my journey if you like at http://rawlifewizard.wordpress.com/


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