Juice Fast Diary-Day 2

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Yup, that’s right – It’s the morning of Day 2. Why not Day 1? Mostly because I didn’t decide to journal this experience until today! Then I got to thinking, I’ve never done an extended fast like this before and I would have enjoyed reading about someone else’s experience before taking the dive. What do I mean by extended? Well, I’m currently thinking about making it a 30-day juice fast Purpose? General cleanse, boost my immune system, kickstart an exercise/weight loss effort, and probably learn something about appetite control and self-denial in the process. I welcome your comments and suggestions. I’ll just try to chronicle highlights of my experience here.

Baseline Status:

  • Mood: Excited to be getting started
  • Hunger: Not really a problem – sure I could eat if I sat down to a meal, but I don’t have any heavy-duty hunger pangs.
  • Exercise: Mostly up and down the house stairs as well as about 20 min. of hauling heavy logs to load our outdoor furnace pretty much every day. House cleaning and similar chores constitute most of my exercise. Yes, I know it’s pathetic. Planning to change that whenever there is someone available to stay with Mom, so I can actually leave the house and walk 20 min+.
  • Weight: It’s #. Yeah, this is a public post right? So, since I have no exhibitionist tendencies you will have to be content to see weights recorded as # (which stands for my baseline weight) followed by + or – however many pounds that changes by.
  • Other Observations: Feel alert. Had a bit of a headache yesterday. Not so far this morning though.
  • 3PM -Highlight of the day, my cup of warm, organic vegetable broth seasoned with Celtic salt, vegetarian chicken seasoning (homemade), and nutritional yeast flakes – Yummmmm!

7 thoughts on “Juice Fast Diary-Day 2

    • Good questions! No, I haven’t figured calories. Do you think I will have too many or too few?
      I’ll give more information on what components I have in the fast as we go along πŸ™‚

      • Don’t know… that’s why I was asking. I think you could probably get either too many or too few, depending on how much juice you got, and what kind.

  1. Fat soluable vitamins – ADEK, right? all of them are stored in liver so you don’t need the eat them every day. A, E, and K are all high in the kinds of juices I am using. D isn’t from food anyway. Curious as to what the concern is.(My body has plenty of fat to dissolve them in . . .)

    Rebound wt gain – yes, that’s why exercise is part of the program πŸ™‚
    Share what other deficiencies you might be concerned with.
    Thanks for the questions.

    • You will need to get them before 30 days is up! πŸ˜‰ But I think it’s fat intake that’s required to dissolve them, not stored fat…

      Juice is fairly low in protein, so you are very likely to lose lean body mass… (your scale weight will go down though!)

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