Welcome to 3D Health for Life!

shutterstock_123174853Are you ready to start taking charge of your own health? Then this site is for YOU! Here you will find the results of my personal research into links between such things as health, lifestyle, science and optimal brain function. I believe strongly that information is power and that anything that improves your capacity for wise and thoughtful choices in the area of whole person health is extremely valuable. I will be sharing information from a variety of sources and you can expect anything that touches on any part of us, as whole human beings with 3 Dimensions (physical, emotional/psychological, spiritual), to be a legitimate subject.

You will also find online resources that I have carefully chosen for their potential impact in contributing to total health and wellness. It’s a zoo out there in the in the world of cyberspace and false health information abounds. My goal is to provide you with information that has been carefully evaluated as to its scientific merits and/or harmony with principles of truth.

To Your Health and Life!

Lucia Tiffany, RN MPH


5 thoughts on “Welcome to 3D Health for Life!

  1. Do you have any experience with Barley Green/barley grass powder? I could tell you about the wonderful benefits many people have had with it. My cousin did a 10- day fast last month, and she took barley green powder mixed in water three times a day. It kept her blood sugar stable and she could maintain normal energy levels. She has found though that winter is not the best time to do a fast for weight losing purposes, as your body holds on to fat to keep warm.

    • Interesting. I’m using BarleyMax powder every day instead of barley green juice powder. It has alfalfa in it as well as barley green. It’s working well for me!

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